Windows Live Messenger Error Code 80072EE7: Permanent Solutions To Eliminate It

Windows live messenger error code 80072EE7 is a common error which generally appears when users are trying to install the Windows updates. But, some of the users face this same error code while signing to the Windows Messenger. Basically, this Windows live messenger error states that your device ran into a severe problem and needs to restart.

And there are multiple circumstances when this error appears. Some of the most likely events include incomplete installation or uninstallation of application and software. Besides, this issue can be triggered by the damaged Windows system files as well.

Such kind of error can also be caused when your device has been recovered from malware, virus, or adware attack. These activities might result in the corruption of the entries in the Windows system files. The corrupted or damaged system file can also lead to various issues including the Windows live messenger error.

Once this error code appears on the screen, the interface crashes on a regular basis. Moreover, the device responds slowly to the mouse and keyboard. The device can even freeze while loading a file.

If you also ran into the same Windows live messenger error, then you can follow up the entire blog. Here, we will be going to mention all the possible fixes that will help you to fix this error on your Windows device.

Fix Windows Live Messenger Error Code 80072EE7 in an Efficient Manner

Here, in this section, we have shared some of the effective ways to troubleshoot this Windows live messenger on your Windows 10 device. Simply apply the methods in the same order as instructed to get the best result possible.

Refresh IP Configuration

If you get “Windows live messenger error code 80072EE7” while checking for updates, then you might need to refresh the IP configuration in the Windows Update service. To do so, you can go through the under mentioned steps:

  • Primarily, you need to go to the Start menu and then write “cmd” into the search dialog box and hit the Enter button or click OK.
  • Now, in the Command Prompt window, enter ipconfig /release and hit the Enter key.
  • Next, in the search field, write ipconfig /renew, and then press the Enter button.
  • Lastly, type Exit and hit the Enter in order to close the Comand Prompt window.

Verify the Internet Settings

In order to verify that the issue is not triggered by the wrong internet settings, set the Internet options to Automatic parameter detection.

Step 1: Hold down the Windows Home key and press the R key altogether on your keyboard. Now, enter inetcpl.cpl in the RUn box that opens and hit the Enter key or click on the OK button. Alternatively, you can navigate to the Start menu and write inetcpl.cpl and click on the Ok button.

Step 2: Thereafter, navigate to the Connections tab and then click on the LAN Settings. Now, locate the “Automatically Detect Settings.” This will come with a checkbox. Now, hit the option in order to mark the check box.

Modify the Host Files

Another annoying reason why Windows live messenger error code 80072EE7 appears on your Windows 10 device is that a third-party program modified your Host files without giving you any indication. But, fortunately, it is possible to reset the changes made to the Host file. All you need to do is follow the steps below:

Step 1: First of all, start your device with administrator rights. After that, press the Windows Home key along with the R key and then type “%systemroot%\system32\drivers\etc”  and then hit the Enter button or click on the OK button.

Step 2: This action will launch the Host file, click on it. Now, you will see a new dialog box where you to select the Notepad as well as the Ok button. Here, in this window, you require to delete all the entries and tap on the File.

After this process, hit the Apply button as well as the OK button. Finally, restart your device and check if the issue gets eliminated from your Windows 10 device.

Edit the Registry Entries

Editing registry entries is a quite sensitive thing. If you make any mistake while repairing the registry entries, you might face more critical issues. Therefore, you have to make a back up to avoid such situations. To back up the error code 80072EE7 related keys, follow the under mentioned steps:

Step 1: First, tap on the Start menu and type Command into the Search panel. But, don’t hit the Enter button yet. Now, press down the CTRL key along with the Shift key simultaneously. After that, you will find a dialog box that will appear on the screen.

Step 2: Here, you have to enter “regedit” and hit the Enter button or click the OK button. After this process, the Windows registry editor window will open. In the same window, you require to locate the Windows live messenger error code 80072EE7 related keys you need as a backup.

Step 3: Now, go to the File Menu and select the option Export. After that, select the folder where you want to save the backup keys. Now, simply hit the Save In button. After that, write a name in the File Name box, so that you can easily identify this later.

Step 4: Thereafter, go to the Export Range box and choose the Selected Branch option. Now, hit the Save button. The files get to save with .reg file extension.

After backing up, now, you can go ahead and edit the Windows registry entries as per requirement.

Perform SFC Scan

After editing the Window registry entries, if you are still stuck with the same error, then you can perform the SFC scan. System Files Checker an in-built tool which is specially designed to repair the corrupted system files. So, if this issue occurs due to the corrupted or damaged system files, then you can perform this built-in tool which might overview you from this critical situation.

Therefore, in order to run the SFC scan, press the F8 function key immediately when your device restarts. After that, launch the Advanced Booting Setup window. Here, you will see various startup options.

Choose the Safe Mode option by navigating the Up/Down arrow keys and reboot your system in Safe Mode by hitting the Enter button. Once your device restarts in Safe Mode, you need to press and hold the Windows Home key + R key simultaneously. Once the Command Prompt opens, right-click on it and choose the Run As Administrator option.

Here, you will be asked to enter your Admin credentials. Enter the correct Username and Password and press the Enter key. Now, confirm the process by tapping on the OK button and launch the Comand Prompt(Admin).

Now, in the Command Prompt window, type sfc/scannow and hit the Enter button. Once you perform this action, it will identify the damaged or corrupted files. Furthermore, it will also begin to repair the bad sectors if necessary.

Lastly, reboot your device in normal mode and see if the issue has been resolved from your Windows computer.

Install All the Available Windows Updates

Installing Windows updates is an effective way to improve the performance of the device and resolve internal issues. Therefore, you can install all the available Windows updates in order to resolve the Windows live messenger error. To do so, you can follow these steps:

Primarily, go to the Start menu and write Update in the search field. Then, choose the Update option from the search results. After that, check for the available updates. If updates are available, then hit the Install Updates button.

Once all the updates get successfully installed, reboot your device and connect your VPN. Lastly, check, whether the issue gets resolved from your device.

We hope, this blog will be beneficial for you to resolve the Windows live messenger error. But, if you face any trouble while performing the above methods, then you can opt for expert assistance. Moreover, please follow our posts for more tech-related articles.