Windows 10 Cortana not Working: Comprehensive Fixes

Microsoft Windows is well known for updating their existing Operating System on a regular basis. Cortana is the part of their latest update. It is a virtual assistant from the house of Microsoft for Windows 10 users. In most of the cases, Cortana stays online and reliably respond to all the commands. However, in some instances, it might stop working altogether. Or sometimes, it might not respond to ‘Hey Cortana’ like it used to. If you are also experiencing Windows 10 Cortana not working on your device, then Windows 10 Cortana not working Fix is the appropriate solutions for you.

When you face such a problem, it could be due to several reasons. For instance, the feature might freeze all of a sudden leaving the Cortana unresponsive. So, in that case, simply restarting the system might do the trick for you. Sometimes, due to an outdated Operating System or corrupted Registry Entries, you can as well face this issue. Even if there’s any software conflict, then you can also expect this problem.

If performing a fresh restart doesn’t help you resolve the problem in the first place. Then it’s a clear indication that the problem lies in some critical part. However, no need to worry about that, simply following the steps mentioned below, you can resolve Windows 10 Cortana not working issue.

So, without further ado, let’s get into the solutions.

Fix Windows 10 Cortana not Working

Cortana Windows 10 not working can be very troublesome for the users as Cortana is one of the important features included in the latest Window 10 Operating System. With this Windows virtual assistant, you can ease up your work. Be it setting a reminder or conducting an online as well as in system search. Only by using the voice command, you can get all your work done. But the real point of irritation comes in when she (Cortana) fails to respond.

As a matter of fact, apart from the reasons mentioned above, there could be multiple reasons that might pile up too. No matter what the reasons are, these below mentioned solutions should help you get rid of the issue.

So, let’s start with the very first procedure:

Launch Cortana and Reset the Microphone

To use the Windows virtual assistance, you first need to enable the feature. Cortana cannot work if it is not in enable mode. Moreover, along with that, you need an actively working microphone so that, Cortana can hear your voice. Also, you might as well notice the Windows button not working.

To check whether the Cortana is enabled or not follow the steps:

First, go to the start button and by using the Windows search bar, search for Cortana. From the list of result, click on the Cortana Search and Settings in the System Setting window.

Now, you need to verify if the following options are enabled or not.

  • Let Cortana respond to “Hey Cortana” so that you can talk to Cortana.
  • Respond when anyone says “Hey Cortana” Cortana can respond when anyone talks.
  • If desired, Use Cortana when my device is locked.

Now, navigate to the Microphone, under that select “Make sure Cortana can hear me” and then click on Get Started. Now, when prompted, follow the instructions from the wizard to set the microphone. In case you face any disruption completing the process you can let the Windows deal with the same.

Deal Using Microsoft Account

In case your Microsoft account is at fault, then you can as well face several issues. And Cortana not working along with system’s start button is among them. So, if the start menu of your system is not working, instead, experiencing a Start Menu critical error. It means the problem lies in the account.

You can try fresh login when you encounter this issue. To proceed with the steps:

Go to the user icon followed by clicking on the start menu option. Then, you need to sign out from the account. After that, restart your system after that sign back in. Now, you should not face the same problem. In case the problem persists consider restarting the system again.

Check for Update

Now, if the above steps didn’t help you resolve the issue, then it could be due to the outdated system. Microsoft releases updates on a regular basis along with updated system patches and recent bug fixes. Hence, updating the Operating System to the latest version may do the trick for you.

On the Windows Taskbar, search for Windows Update in the search window.  From the list of results in the system, settings click on Check for Updates. Now, the system will search for any available update. Wait for the time to complete the process and upon completion restart the system.

Use the Start Menu Troubleshooter

Microsoft provides a set of Troubleshooter to deal with all the error. Similarly, when the start menu fails to respond properly. Which is obvious when Windows 10 Cortana not working. Thus the name Start Menu Troubleshooter. It will help you identify and fix the known problem with Windows.

Here’s how you can use the feature:

To start with the process, you need to go to the webpage of the Microsoft stating “Troubleshoot problems with the Start menu or Cortana”. And from there, you need to click on ‘Try the Troubleshooter’. Then you need to click on ‘Start Menu Troubleshoot’.

At this point, click on the downloaded file and then click on Next. Remember, depending on the browser you are using you will find the downloaded files. Let the system deal with the issue and fix them as well upon finding the issue.

Restart the Cortana

To fix Cortana not working on Windows 10, you can try stopping and restarting the Cortana service again even after trying all the steps mentioned above.

To do that:

You need to access the Windows Task Manager. Simply press Ctrl + Alt + Del to invoke the Task Manager window. Now, go to the more option and from there navigate to the process tab.

Scroll down through the list and locate Cortana from the list of the running programme. Upon finding, click once and choose End Task to completely stop the service. Now, restart the device.

Disable Antivirus Software

For a fact, some of the security programmes are known to create problems while using with Cortana. The antivirus software blocks some or all of the Cortana features. So, if you are using any third party security software then consider disabling the same for a temporary purpose.

Further, if you find the programme is creating a problem then you can consider uninstalling the programme as well. You can use Windows Defender instead as it works along with the service.

Here are the ways to uninstall the third-party antivirus.

By pressing the Windows key and R together at the same time, open the Run dialog box. In the typing area search for control. It will open the Control Panel. In the window, look for Uninstall a programme option and click on it.

From the list that appears, scroll down and find the software, you want to uninstall. Click on the programme and choose ‘Uninstall’. Now, restart the system to apply the changes.

Reinstall the Cortana Service

If everything else fails to bring the suitable result, then you need to reinstall the Cortana. Doing so might resolve the issue. You need to complete the task from the Windows Powershell.

To start with, press the Windows key + X and then you need to press on A. Now, you need to click on Yes to allow the permission to open PowerShell.

Type the below mentioned command

et-AppXPackage -AllUsers | Foreach {Add-AppxPackage -DisableDevelopmentMode -Register “$($_.InstallLocation)\AppXManifest.xml”}

Now, press Enter and wait for the time to complete the process.

So, these are the simple ways to resolve Cortana not working issues on Windows 10. Be sure to let us know if you find this article informative. You can comment down below to know more about the issue.

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