What to do if your Phone is Hacked?

Mobile Phones have become an inevitable part of our lives. We are fast moving into the digital world. So, security in the internet world should be of paramount importance. Increasingly, hacking activities are commonplace now. Hackers are able to siphon off money from banks. In such adverse case, hacking of mobile phones is not distant where all our personal photos and private conversations are stored. So you might be wondering what to do if your phone is hacked? There are a couple of preliminary actions that can be taken to be on the safe side. However, hacking is a serious breach of personal information and may need professional assistance to fully recover the mobile from attacks. Oniton Support has in-house security experts who can recover hacked phones and encrypt photos and financial information from a mobile device so that hackers don’t get hold of it.

How Mobile Phones are Hacked?

Mobile phones are generally safer than PC because of the in-built mechanism to survive brute attacks. Still, there are glaring loopholes which hackers take advantage of. Mostly, a rogue app can create havoc inside the system and simply makes the phone unusable. To be on the safer side, always install apps from the play store. Generally, users sideload apps from shady websites which do not go through safety checks and when installed on a smartphone, it can administer the device.

Android Devices have third-party installation blocked by default, but apps use various guise to sneakily disable the safety check. In case you are wondering what to do if your phone is hacked, keep the safety check enabled always.

There can also be vulnerabilities in the kernel which apps take advantage of. The kernel is basically the low-level mediator between the system and hardware. Apps use loopholes in the kernel to access sensitive information like password and administrator privilege.

What to do if your Phone is Hacked? Follow these Steps

  • First and foremost, try to turn off mobile data and WiFi. This will block the app from communicating with its server. The goal here is to keep the data as local as possible. If the phone is not allowing you to disable these service, then simply turn off the WiFI from the router or eject the SIM card from mobile.
  • Secondly, try to open App Info under the settings menu. Here you will find all the apps that are installed. Find the rogue apps and uninstall it then and there leaving no trace behind. These apps have a tendency to install multiple apps at once, so look-out for them and keep monitoring your device.
  • If you are unable to uninstall apps from App Info, then you will have to do it manually. Open Settings and go to About Phone menu. There you will find the Developer option. Open it and enable USB ADB (Android Debug Bridge) debugging. Basically, this mode is used by developers to test apps. However, use this mode to uninstall apps.
  • Connect your phone to PC and open Command Prompt. Next, type ADB devices and it will show your device with a serial number. Here, you will have to type a special uninstall command with the package name of the app. Note the package name from App Info, it’s usually written at the bottom of the page.
  • Type “adb uninstall -k packagename and hit enter. It will forcefully uninstall the app with the given package name. Repeat the process for all threatful apps. This way you can get rid of rogue apps from your smartphone.

Flash the Factory Image:

  • You must be thinking what to do if your phone is hacked. You simply can’t access settings and other features. Then, you will have to flash the factory image which is provided by the mobile company. Turn off the device and simultaneously press volume down and power button. Leave the buttons after you sense a vibration. It will open The Fastboot mode which is basically a faster way to access your phone’s system through special commands.
  • Furthermore, download the factory image and flash tool from your mobile company’s website. Now, start the tool and connect your device in the Fastboot mode. Thereafter, select the Factory Image from Browse option and select Clean Flash from the Dropdown menu. Basically, you are flashing the official firmware erasing everything from mobile.
  • Now, click on start and it will start flashing all the system files erasing your mobile device completely. Wait for ten minutes, it will reboot itself. You should have a phone without any virus or malware.

Opt for Professional Service and Get your Phone Back

If you are still clueless about what to do if your phone is hacked, then do not fret, we have got your back. We have a team of security experts who can quarantine the phone from attacks and rogue apps. Oniton Support is known for having quality engineers who can recover mobile phones without data loss.

Security Experts

We have a specific team for handling hacking related issues in mobile phones. The security researchers have in-depth knowledge of how hacking works and how to mitigate the attacks systematically. Experts at Oniton Support can recover hacked mobile device with zero data loss. We have been resolving such issues for years, hence we can easily recover and put safety checks in your device to prevent further hacking.

Service within ETA

Oniton Support believes in providing service instantly and delivering the product within the ETA. We do not make unnecessary delays and try to fix the issue then and there. We take service time seriously and can help you get your hacked mobile back without any delay.

Low-Cost Service

We are known for offering quality service at low-cost. At Oniton Support, we have a goal of providing quality service at a minimum cost. Oniton Support has a service model in place which minimizes the cost in an efficient manner.

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