Get Essential Steps On TP-Link Change Channel At Your Fingertips

TP-Link is considered for its enhanced wireless connectivity that helps you to connect various devices, all at the same time. This router specifically targets the gaming enthusiasts by offering a solid performance and in-built security. However, just like any other router, these routers are also prone to specific technical glitches. In case you are experiencing occasional disconnects, then the only fix is to change the channel setting on the router. These routers usually operate in the 2.4GHz frequency range. Read this article to gain recommendable steps that can help you with TP-Link change channel information.

Advantages Of The TP-Link Change Channel

If you are wondering whether changing the channel will work in your favor or not, then go through this section. Here, we have discussed a few primary advantages that can help you to increase your productivity. Have a look:

  • Changing the channel can help you to load pages faster than ever.
  • Often specific channels create conflict issues (co-channel interference) and can only be resolved by changing them.
  • If it takes a lot of time to transmit data, then prefer changing those overlapping channels by getting to know about TP-Link change channel.

Summarizing the points lead to the fact that it is not the fault of the router but the Wi-Fi channel is causing the hindrance.

Basic Steps On “How To Change Channel On TP-Link Router?”

Before proceeding with the steps as mentioned below, you must ensure that you have a proper connection. For it, simply check whether the cables are accurately connected in the ports and ensure that you have stable and secure internet connectivity. Furthermore, you can also try to reset the router to repair any temporary glitches, just by pressing the reset button on your device. When your router starts, connect it to your computer and follow the series as given below.


Navigate to your default web browser and in the address bar type in and hit Enter. A new window will appear, where you must note the username and password. If you have never changed the default setting of your router, then the fields must be designated as ‘admin’. Otherwise, you need to type in the changed custom administrative credentials. Finally hit the OK button.

Step 2:

Login to the web page and click on the Wireless tab from the menu, usually on the left of your screen. You will get a sub-menu, select the Wireless Settings option. Now, set the Channel field according to your preference, through the drop-down list. Choose your desired channel number and select the Apply button. Again you need to confirm your action by clicking on the Save option.

Step 3:

Now, you need to go back to the left sidebar in order to select the link titled Wireless Security, under the Wireless 2.4GHz. This will direct you to a new page. Tick the radio button labeled WPA/WPA2 – Personal (Recommended) and then using the Version drop-down list, choose WPA2 as the security level. Then, configure the Encryption to AES and change the PSK Password. (Use a strong password with no less than 14 characters). last before hitting exit, click the Save button. You will note that you have successfully changed the wireless channel.

Possible Problems After Changing WiFi Settings

After making these preceding changes to your TP-Link router, you have to reconnect to any earlier connected devices. This way you might be able to avoid any further conflict or prevent damaging the router.

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