Solved Thread Stuck in Device Driver Windows 10: Comprehensive Guide

Microsoft is continually upgrading is the Windows OS, to provide its users an enhanced and improved interference. There are added features, that comes along with every update process. Once in a while, Windows users report to encounter ‘thread stuck in device driver’ pop up after going through a failed installation process. This message generally comes forward when your driver is caught in an endless loop. It is the computer’s way of indicating blue screen of death error. This is a minor glitch but must be eradicated at the earliest. Take the help from this article to know solved thread stuck in device driver Windows 10 methods, which guarantees to prevent the error in the future. Additionally, you get to know, why this error occurs in the first place.

Reasons Behind Thread Stuck in Device Driver Windows 10

Countless factors can prompt thread stuck in device driver error, let us have a look at few essential underlying reasons:

  • The thread stuck in device driver error message can pop up due to misconfigured or faulty device driver.
  • Alternatively, if you have not updated the driver for a prolonged time, then it can result in this unexpected problem.
  • If you are utilizing a video driver that is not compatible with your Windows version, then this real-time error message can occur.
  • Pending Windows update can cause a problem with the drivers, which in turn can lead to this blue screen of death.
  • Often outdated BIOS or low memory can lead to thread stuck in device driver error.

Now, that you are well accustomed with the few of the root causes, let us proceed to troubleshhot them.

Easy Methods: Solved Thread Stuck in Device Driver Windows 10

Before proceeding with the hacks, you need to boot your computer into safe mode, utilizing an installation media. Safe Mode is an inbuilt feature which disables unwanted programs during the startup process.
To get to Safe Mode, follow the below:

  • Turn on your computer and press F8 key until the Windows logo appears. In case the OS begins to load, you need to restart the computer once again.
  • When the Advanced Boot Options window appears, use the arrow keys from your keyboard and choose the Safe Mode. Hit the Enter button and wait till the process completes.
  • In case you require the internet connection, then choose Safe Mode with Networking option.
  • Windows will automatically boot into Safe Mode, now proceed with the steps mentioned below.

Method 1: Update the Drivers

To update the driver, you need to click on start and then in the search dialogue box, type in ‘devmgmt.msc’  and hit the Enter button. A list of search results will appear on your screen, click on the file named devmgmt or Device Manager. Locate the graphics driver and right click on it. From the drop-down menu, select the Update option and wait till the process completes. Alternatively, if the error message pops up again, go through the next hack.

Method 2: Configure Hardware Acceleration

You can also resolve the error by changing the Hardware Acceleration to ‘None.’ However, it might reduce the functionality as well as the performance of your video card.

  • To proceed, at first, click on Start, in the search dialogue box and type ‘display’ and hit the Enter key.
  • A list of results will appear, where select the file named Display to launch the ‘Change Display Settings’ window.
  • Now, click on the Advanced Settings tab and locate the Troubleshoot option.
  • Click on the Change Settings option and scroll the slider beside the Hardware Acceleration label to None.
  • Finally, hit the OK button and reboot the system. Note if the problem is still there or not.

Method 3: Update Motherboard BIOS

Identify the BIOS through the Run dialogue box. Launch the dialogue box through Windows key and R key simultaneously.

  • In the blank dialogue box, type in “msinfo32” and hit the Enter button. This process will launch the System Information window, note the BIOS Version and Date, as well as the manufacturer.
  • Go to the manufacturer’s website and type in the serial number of the computer. Click on the ‘auto detect’ option, wait until the scan completes and then download the recommended update.
  • The file will get saved on your system, click on it to run it. Note if you have appropriately updated the BIOS. This step might be able to resolve the problem.

Method 4: Change ATI Graphics Power Settings

If your laptop uses ATI graphics cards, then you can change its performance quality to eradicate the issue. First, navigate to the Control Panel and then click on ‘Hardware and Sound and Power’ option. Locate the section for the selected preferred plan, click on ‘Change plan settings’ tab and beneath that select ‘Change advanced power settings’ option. Try to locate the ‘ATI Graphics Power Settings’ and change it to ‘maximized performance.’ Finally, save the changes and reboot your computer, to allow the system to determine the new configurations.

Method 5: Perform Windows Update

Navigate to the Settings window, by pressing the windows key as well as the I key, together. In the new window, try to locate the ‘Update & Security’ option and click on it. Check for recent updates available for Windows from Microsoft, by clicking on ‘Scan For Updates’ option. Look for any pending updates and hit the Download button. Wait till the installation process completes and then reboot your computer.


Follow the above steps in the exact series provided, in order to eliminate the risk of further damage and fix stop code thread stuck in device driver. You must note that performing a BIOS update is risk process and tends to vary depending on the manufacturer of the motherboard. You must avoid installing pirated softwares on your computer and regularly perform a full malware scan. Overheating can also prompt the video cards to malfunction, and the chipset tends to get locked up. Thus, you must keep your computer clean and clean the UPS as well as the cooling fans, appropriately. Along with that, it is highly recommended that you must use an appropriate driver for the video hardware, to mitigate any further problems. If you do not consider yourself enough acquainted in the technical domain, then you must get reliable help.

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