How to Fix Dell Laptop Screen Won’t Turn on – Get Reasonable Solutions

Dell is one of the well-renowned names when it comes to laptops and PC. As technology has improved, numbers of organizations have enlisted their names to this prosperity. Dell is also a name that has included their name as per the user requirement. Sometimes being such a famous organization can be a headache as users may face different issues regarding the products. If you are using Dell laptops, then one of the critical issues that you may face is the Dell laptop screen won’t turn on. It might be quite annoying for you if you are facing this issue at a frequent amount of time.

So, today we will take a look at some of the probable reasons behind the issue and will also look for some of the reasonable solutions that you can try to eliminate the issue. So, let’s go and have a look at them. And if you are not able to resolve the problem on your own then you can always avail the service of Oniton Support as they have skilled executives who will solve the problem instantly.

Dell Laptop Screen won’t Turn on: What and Why

When it comes to the display issues, the reason can even be software based or a hardware one. Before we implement any kind of process to troubleshoot Dell laptop screen won’t turn on, we first need to know about some of the primary symptoms and their diagnostics. For that reason, identifying the reasons can be the first step. So, have a look at some of the probable reasons behind the Dell laptop won’t turn on.

If you are using a Dell laptop, then it’s obvious for you to know about the display that it’s either of LED type or LCD type. If you have a LED-based display, then either the LED panel is broken, or the display drivers are not up to date. Same goes for the LCD as the display may have cracked, or the drivers are corrupted or malware affected. Apart from that, if the battery has dried up or if the machine has gone into temporary sleep mode then it can even be a reason behind this issue. We should not also forget about the SMPS part if it is having a critical issue or a fatal error. As a result, you might even face the same issue with the laptop you are using.

Till now, we have discussed some of the probable reason behind the issues. Now, let’s go and have a brief look at some of the reasonable solutions that you can implement by yourself to eliminate the issue.

Dell Laptop Screen won’t Turn on: Get Simple Solutions

In the previous part of the article, we have discussed the probable reasons behind the Dell laptop screen won’t turn on. Now, we’d be moving into the solutions part.

For Power Failures Issues

If you are not getting any kind of response from the power button and the display isn’t showing any kind of response, first, check all the external connections. In order to do so, check all the cables connected to the power source. After that, take a look at the internal ones if they are disconnected.  Also, ensure about all the power source or if they are working properly or not.

If you are facing the issue after having some of the prior changes to the system, it would be better if you can revert them to the initial state and then try to have a run to it.

Disconnect all the external add-ons connected to the system such as printers, scanners, external HDD, disks, SD cards. After doing this perform a PSU diagnostics. If the PSU states the system as OK, then it would be better if you can take a look at the internal settings and components. This basically includes the optical drive, storage drives, and memory. If you are facing any this issue due to any power failure, you will be surely able to have a solution by following these steps.

For OS Boot Failure

If the screen is not turning on due to any boot failure, then you can follow the processes mentioned below.

  • Verify the initial power-ups and unplug all the external device to perform a hard reset.
  • Run a diagnostics and check for specific error prompts.
  • Reset the BIOS and troubleshoot in Safe Mode.
  • After this check for any malware or bugs and reset the OS you are using.
  • At last, restore all factory settings to its initial state.

Probably the above steps will help you if you are having any kind of Boot failure.

For Video Issues

First, check for any physical damage on the screen and try to have a hardware diagnostics for the screen you are using. Try to have a run to the to the system in the safe mode to see if the problems persist. Also, update the GPU driver, chipset driver, and the BIOS. Now, download and install any remaining Windows update to the system you are using and perform a system restore. This will surely help you to eliminate the issue if you are facing any issues regarding the video.

In any case, if you are finding the above procedures too hard for you to try at home, it would be better if you can get in touch with one of the professional experts. They would be the best person to help you out in such situations. You can even get in touch with us for the proficient expert’s view of the issue you are facing.

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