One or More Network Protocols Are Missing On This Computer-Learn Useful Technique

Networking is an essential part of all the computers. With the help of Networking, the users can share vital information and resources from one device to the other. There are countless advantages of networking such as file sharing, splitting the single internet service. Networking also helps you to store numerous files and multimedia on separate machines or network storage computer. So, when you get an error like one or more network protocols are missing on this computer, then you can’t avail the benefits of networking. As the problem suggests that few protocols are missing from the system is not a critical issue. Users can quickly resolve the error by themselves. But for that, you need to know some useful hacks to troubleshoot the problem.

Reasons For One Or More Network Protocols Are Missing On This Computer

The main reason for the computer showing this type of error is due to the disappearance of the Windows socket registry. You can verify the issue by running the network diagnostic tool. When you run the diagnostic tab, it notifies that your system unable to connect internet. And such problem occurs due to the issue in the Sockets API also referred as Winsock. The Windows sockets are the primary object that facilitates the networking process. Users can encounter this issue because of the problem in the ISP. Hence, let us see the different ways to troubleshoot the issue.

Easy Steps To Fix The One Or More Network Protocols Are Missing On This Computer

Users can get the missing protocol error on their system when they recently upgraded their Operating System. You can witness this issue where the WiFi will show no internet access. And when you attempt to diagnose the problem, then you will get a prompt telling the network protocol missing. If you are getting the same error message on your system, then try to resolve the issue as quickly as possible.

Deactivate The Firewall and Antivirus

To troubleshoot the one or more network protocols are missing on this computer issue users need to disable the Antivirus programs present in the PC temporarily. Hence, click the program to deactivate the Antivirus software. Also, choose the time frame for which the tool will remain inactive. Make sure you opt for a small period for 15 to 30 mins. When the process is done try to open the WiFi. To do so, write “Control Panel” in the Search tool and select the icon from the resultant list. Then, tap the Windows Firewall by clicking the System and Security. Now disable the Windows Firewall at the left side of the window.

After completion of the task, you need to restart your system. And then, check if you can fix the one or more network protocols are missing in this computer.

Solve The Problem By Restoring The Network Protocols

The network protocol missing issue is not a critical issue. Users can easily fix the problem by restoring the essential protocols. To begin the process first open the Command Prompt with the help of shortcut key, i.e., Windows +x. Enter the following command in this window and tap Enter to run each command one by one.

netsh int ip set DNS,netsh Winsock reset. After that, terminate the Command Prompt and reboot your machine to restore changes.

Troubleshoot The Issue With The Help Of NetBIOS

There is another option to troubleshoot the one or more network protocols are missing on this computer windows 10 error, which is by disabling the NetBIOS. Thus, tap to open the Control Panel, then go to Network and Internet. In the Network and Internet window right tap the network adapter and choose Properties. Illuminate the TCP/IP options and click Properties.

Now, search for the WINS tab and go to the NetBIOS settings. After getting to the correct section, tap Disable NetBIOS. Then, choose OK to make the changes. It is a practical step as many users got the desired result by performing this hack.

Reinstall IP/TCP

To run this process click the Start tab and go to the Control panel. Next inside the Control Panel select Network and Internet. After that tap Network and Sharing Center from the right side of the list, select the Change adapter settings.

Once the process is complete then right click the Ethernet or WiFI connection and tap Properties. Tap all the item one by one and select install. Then, go to the window of the Select Network Feature Type and choose the Protocol option and tap Add. When the adding of the protocol is complete, then select Reliable Multicast protocol. Users need to ensure that they need to perform the task as instructed and close every tab once the process is over. When the work is complete, you need to Reboot your machine to resolve the error.

Fix The Protocol Missing Error By Restarting The Network Adapter

If you are still witnessing the one or more network protocols missing Windows 10 on this computer, then try to restart your Network Adapter. Hence first open the Run toolbox and enter “ncpa.cpl” and tap Enter. Then, click the Wireless adapter and choose Disable.

Then, after a certain span of time select the same WiFi icon and tap Enable. After that, restart the PC and see that you can connect the Wireless network or not

Change The Mode Of The Internet Router’s

Many users got instant outcome by applying this trick on their PC. Here in this process, you need to modify the Wireless Mode to 802.11g. Because most of the routers are set to 802.11b+g+n. Thus, to avoid the problem of the missing protocol you need to sign into your router’s administrator. Then navigate to the settings portion and explore every program that falls under the Wireless option. Configure your wireless routers to 11g+ or 11g according to your choice. After that, save all the necessary changes that you have made and then close the settings panel.

Once the reconfiguration is complete, then restart your router as well as the computer. And see whether the problem is solved or not.

Perform Hard Reset In The Wireless Router

If you are still encountering the one or more network protocols are missing on this computer Windows 10 problem after performing the vital steps, then try this final trick. By performing forced reset your wireless router will get back to the default settings. And if you do so, then it will help you to fix the issue of protocol missing in Windows 10. so to do a hard reset take pin or paper clip and search the reset switch on your router.

You can easily identify the button by locating the term reset written above the switch. Once you are able to find the button, then press the button for few seconds. Thus it will reset the router. After that restart the router and start making necessary changes.

To Wrap Up

Users who are getting the one or more network protocol missing issue on their computer. Can easily solve the problem with the set of solutions as mentioned above. So read this article thoroughly and know the ways to troubleshoot the issue.

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