Detailed Guide On “How to Uninstall Avast”

Avast Antivirus is quality software that protects the computers from malware and virus attacks and provides top-notch cybersecurity. The software is quite effective, and quite popular among users. But at times these security softwares malfunctions and that’s why it needs to be uninstalled. In this article, we will explain how to uninstall Avast. Before moving to the solutions, users need to understand that it is necessary to keep at least one security software in their PC. Else, your computer remains vulnerable to the spyware and other security threats. But sometimes there is no option left other uninstalling the software so go ahead.

Why do you need to Uninstall Avast Antivirus?

Users generally uninstall or remove Avast so that can switch to another security services. But most of the times Avast Antivirus doesn’t work properly, it cannot prevent the virus from infecting the system. Thus it is necessary to uninstall the Avast antivirus. Problems can also arise when the Avast antivirus decreases the performance of your computer.

Thus users need to uninstall the Avast from their system. While most attempt to remove the program but they keep facing several errors. Hence if you want to know various ways to uninstall Avast then stay on this article until the end.

Easy Solutions to Uninstall Avast

Uninstalling the Avast antivirus can be quite tricky for users as they need to be aware of correct techniques and tips. If you are also running out of ideas, then check the list of proven tips to resolve the problem. Thus learn these steps and quickly uninstall Avast by yourself.

Uninstall Avast from Windows 10

To begin the process, first, save all necessary information or create a backup. Terminate other applications and also disable the internet temporarily from your computer. Now click the Start button and look for Avast antivirus icon from the menu. Right-click the icon to open Avast dashboard and scroll down to Avast shields control. After choosing the shield, you will receive a message of terminating the Avast key. When you notice the alert, then your entire system screen will turn grey. Select yes option from the window.

Then, enter the Control Panel and then go to Uninstall a program. Next click the uninstall operation and users will get an array of uninstalled items. From this list, locate the Avast Antivirus program. Once you can find the application, then tap uninstall on top of the window. Then select Next button to start uninstalling the program. Next, you will get a prompt that will notify about the uninstallation process. Here you need to tap yes and begin to uninstall Avast.

Now the system will ask for your confirmation, click on Uninstall to remove the Avast software. While Windows removes the program, Avast will ask few questions, answer according to your choice. Wait for a couple of minutes to complete the uninstalling Avast. When done, tap finish to end the process. Thus you can restart or shut down your PC after uninstalling the Avast. Hence in this way user can uninstall Avast Windows 10.

Remove the Avast from Windows 7

If you are using Windows 7 in your system, then uninstall Avast can be difficult. But don’t worry we have simple techniques that will help you to fix the issue rapidly. First, users need to log in as an Administrator. To do so, head straight to the Control Panel and then go to the User account and search for the Administrator tab. Once you can locate administrator, then save all the personal items and close it. Then go to desktop, click on Start and navigate to Control Panel and open Add or Remove Programs. In this window, search for Avast Internet Security or Avast Antivirus. Now click the ‘change/remove’ option to clear the program automatically.

After doing this step, users will get an Avast installation wizard. Choose Uninstall and then tap next to begin the procedure. Then, click Yes from the Avast message window and you will notice the wizard asking for your permission. Choose uninstall Avast from this window. If another tab opens asking you to terminate the Avast, then select Yes to kick-start the process. In this stage, users need to be patient while the system is uninstalling the application.

Make sure that you don’t falter the process by any means. Otherwise, you need to start over from the very beginning.

When the uninstallation of Avast is complete, reboot your system by choosing the restart tab from the setup box. And then tap Finish button to finish the process.

Users those who have enabled the Express Install option they need to remove the internet browser as well. After deleting the Web browser automatically, remove the cache files as well. Hence to eliminate all the remains of Avast application take the help of the computer search. You can aslo use the registry editor to clear all the junk files.

Eradicate Avast from Mac

After discussing all the necessary techniques to uninstall the Avast for Windows. Now let us see how to uninstall Avast from Mac OS. So this portion of the article is dedicated to Mac users.

Uninstalling avast on a Mac is way easy as compared to on operating systems. First, select the icon from the menu bar. When you click the program, there will be an option to uninstall the application. Tap on it and follow all the critical steps. After that, the system will ask for your approval for the uninstallation. When the uninstallation is over, you don’t have to reboot your computer. As Mac OS can make all the changes by itself.


So these are few essential guides that you can use during the uninstalling Avast. And we hope after reading this article now you know how to uninstall Avast. If you have any problem while performing the task, then repeat the process. We assure you can resolve the issue.

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