Windows 10 Update Stuck Or Frozen- Get Instant Solution

Most of the users are sceptical about Windows Update. Since it is a time-consuming process and requires a lot of patience. But there is also a potential risk of the malfunctioning of the system after updating the Windows. So, this is the reason why most of us don’t like to update our computer. But if you don’t upgrade your Windows system, then you are depriving yourself of the various useful feature. As we update, the OS will fix all the glitches and bugs. And it will also provide other cool features that will enhance the user experience. Thus, in this article, we will give detail info to fix the Windows update stuck or frozen. So, pay attention.

Cause of The Windows 10 Update Stuck Or Frozen

There can be various reasons why the update is hanging up and cannot complete the process. But, mostly the problems arise due to software conflict issue. And the problems also appear when you are updating Windows 8 or 7 to the recent version. Problems can also occur when the Windows OS searches for any updates. Hence, these are some potential issue that can lead to a Windows upgrade problem. If you are witnessing such issue, don’t terminate the process. Otherwise, it can have a negative impact on your system. Hence, we suggest you continue the process no matter what.

Solutions For Fixing The Windows Update Stuck

The Windows Update stuck problem is a critical issue as reported by many users. Thus, it is necessary that you are aware of the proper methods and techniques to solve the issue. So, go through the list as given below and try to nullify the problem by yourself.

Run The Troubleshooter For Windows Update Hangs

If you are witnessing similar kind of problem, then take the assistance of the troubleshooter. It is a simple technique and anybody can run this tool.

Troubleshooter is a built-in program in Windows that helps to resolve the stuck update. When you run this tool, it stops the Windows update process and renames the folder. But most importantly, it deletes all the cache and initiates the process. Thus, to operate this tool, tap start and go to the troubleshooting icon. Then, go to the System and Security in the Control Panel list. Select Fix problems with Windows Update. After that, navigate to the Windows Update tab and tap Advanced.

Next, in the Advanced Settings, you need to highlight the box that specifies Apply repairs automatically. Then, select Run as administrator and click Next. With the help of the administrative privileges, users can erase files in the section of download cache. After finishing the process wait for few minutes as the troubleshooter tries to detect the triggering issue. In most cases, the Troubleshooters can resolve the issue. Even if the tool cannot fix the error, then try to start the update services. We hope you will not get the same problem. Otherwise, go to the next option.

Take Help From The Windows Update Utility Program

If the above solution cannot solve Windows update stuck or Frozen problem, then check the Windows update utility. Users can find this Program in a recent version of Windows OS. You can locate the Windows Update by going to the Settings application from the Start tab. If there is some glitch in the update, Windows will quickly detect the issue. But, you need to find the details in this portion.

So, select the Advanced Options tab to open the View your update history. In this window, users can view recent successful updates and unsuccessful installation of programs. Thus, in this way you can remove the uninstalled updates and again begin the update process.

Resolve The Problem By Launching Windows In Safe Mode

With the help of Safe Mode, users can easily update the Windows as it will run on a separate memory. Hence, the faulty or rogue files cannot hamper the update process. To run Windows in Safe Mode hold the Shift key and select Power and Restart from the Start menu.

After that navigate the troubleshoot Advanced options, and then you will notice the Safe Mode. Go to Google to know the steps so that you can understand how to do Safe Mode. And see whether you can run the update services in Windows or not.

Clear The Cache File(Part 1)

If your Windows update still hangs and the troubleshooter is ineffective then delete the cache file manually. Before beginning the step, you need to terminate the  Windows update temporarily. After that user needs to boot the system, then enter the command prompt. To do so click the Start button in the desktop select Command Prompt. After choosing the program, a box will appear. Write net stop wuauserv and tap Enter. After that type, another command net stop bits and again press Enter from keyboard.

Remove The Cache File (Part 2)

In the next stage close the Command Prompt and browse the “C” folder. Delete each every data and files in this folder, and you are not going to inflict any damage to the system. So, don’t hesitate to carry on the task. Since, these are some makeshift files, Windows create to support the update services.

After deleting the cache file again switch back to Command Prompt and type the same command as earlier. Hence, it will do the trick and bring the process back on track. And you will not get the Windows update stuck error anymore.

Perform The Virus Scan Thoroughly

A virus is one of the most prevalent reasons that can prevent the installation process. Problems like these can also occur due to the presence of malware or spyware on your computer. Since Windows security prevents harmful apps which in turn blocks the process of update.

Thus, perform a complete virus scan with the help security application that you have installed in the system.

Solve The Issue By  Resetting Windows

If you are running out of luck and cannot fix the Windows update stuck or frozen issue, then try the last resort. To resolve the Windows update got stuck issue user need to reset the Windows. In this method basically, you need to revert to the default state of the OS without interfering with the personal files.

To reset Windows, go to the Settings with the help of the Start menu. After that search for Update and Security page and there you will find the Recovery Tab. Click the Window to eradicate all the junk files and third-party apps. When the task is over, you need to install the apps again. Now in the latest version of Windows OS, you will get the option to reset or refresh.

Final Words

After reading the article, we hope now you know the various ways to tackle the problem. The Windows update stuck or frozen is a common issue and users can easily solve the problem. With the help of the right technique and proper information solving the Windows update issue isn’t a big deal. Thus, remember all the steps and troubleshoot the problem by yourself.

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