Fix Printer Offline Windows 10 | Get Some Quick Fixes In Fingertips

In this technologically advanced period, printers work as a requirement either at home or at a workplace. It serves to print any document, images, scanning etc., Furthermore, you can also use it as a scanning device to scan any important data or file. There are various brands available in the market but you need to choose the most reliable one. It offers several advanced types of equipment, a well-designed printing solution, and continuous performance. Despite all these features and facilities, it is not free form technical glitches. You may often face Fix printer offline problem in your device.

due to some connection problems, you may encounter printer offline Windows 10 problem while you try to perform a print. Sometimes, due to some hardware issue, this problem may also occur in your system. If you are facing the issue in your system, then it may prevent you to access your system.

Hence mitigating the same is important. If you are not a tech-savvy person and need some tech support on the problem. Then you can follow the article to know some effective ways to fix the problem quickly.

Common Reasons Behind Fix Printer Offline Windows 10 Issue

There are many reasons behind every problem and it is more important to know all the reasons to avoid the issue in future. Sometimes you may have seen printer shows offline this is due to the corrupted driver or there’s some problem with driver installation then you need to fix printer not working Windows 10 problem.

But there are many other reasons which may also cause this problem:

  • Faulty connection ports.
  • Due to the damaged connecting cords.
  • If there is any problem in the power supply.
  • Moreover, if there is any problem in the printer spooler part.
  • Also, using the printer without proper printer software may head to this problem.

These are some basic reasons behind the printer offline Windows 10 problem. However, following the steps mentioned in the article, you can easily get rid of the issue

Easy Ways to Fix Printer Offline Problem

For every technical glitch, there are some solutions to fix them. Here we have listed some easy hacks to fix printer offline problem in just a couple of steps.

Solution 1: Verify Printer Connection

The connection within the computer and printer is most important to run any printing machine. If there is an issue in the connection between these devices, you may encounter the printer fix offline Windows 10 problem in your system. To fix the issue, first of all, turn off the printer as well as the computer. Then disconnect all the wired cables the printer and wait for some time. Then connect those wires and restart your printer and computer. After that, you may not face the issue again.

If your printer is connected through a wireless connection, turn off the Bluetooth or the hotspot and turn it on after few minutes. Then connect the devices and then it will work properly.

Solution 2: Restart Printer Spooler Tool

Printer spooler tool is one of the most important tools to run any printer device. If there is any problem in the spooler tool, then it may affect your printing procedure. You can fix the problem by just restarting the spooler device in your system. To do that, press the Windows Key and R button to open the Run dialogue box. Then type service.msc in the search box and hit the Enter button.

After that, a new window will appear on the screen. From there, navigate to the Spooler tool option and right-click on the option. Under that, select the Restart option and it will restart again automatically. After waiting for some time, restart your device and you will not face the problem.

Solution 3: Update Printer Driver

Sometimes you may face this problem due to the outdated device drivers. These outdated drivers do not contain enough information about the latest technology. So it is always important to update the printer driver. This driver update contains many bug-free facilities and other features. So, click on the Start icon and search for the Device and drivers option.

After opening the option, you can find the printer driver and right-click on it. Then select the update option and then the process will start. Your system will find the available updates for your system and will install it. Once the process ends, restart your device to access it without any error.

Solution 4: Run Troubleshooting Tool

Windows 10 Operating System has an inbuilt troubleshooting tool to fix any kind of minor problem. You can also fix the printing offline Windows 10 problem with the help of this troubleshooting tool. To perform the task, open the Run dialogue box by pressing the Windows key and R button together.

Then type Troubleshoot Tool in the search box. After that, a new tab will open and from there click the Scan button. Next, it will search all problems and defects in the system. Once the process is done, it will fix all those problems automatically. Now you can access your printer device smoothly.

Solution 5: Remove Virus and Malware

If malware and virus affect your system, then you may face many problems in your system. The printer shows offline problem may also be one of them. If this is the existing cause behind the problem then strong antivirus application might help you fix the problem.

So install a premium Antivirus application in your system and scan the whole system. Then it will find all the defected and malware affected files on your system. After that, click the Fix button to eliminate all those malware and virus from your system.

Winding Up

If you go through the solutions closely, then it should help you fix printer offline issue. Do let us know which method works better for you.

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