Password Reset Disk Windows 10: Get Easy Solutions

It might happen that you cannot remember the Windows 10 password. When this happens you will not be able to turn on the computer. What you need to do is reset the Windows 10 password. You can do it either way, with the help of disk or without a disk. In this article, we will discuss how to Password Reset Disk Windows 10 with ease. There are several ways to reset the password without the disk.

How to Reset Password on Windows 10 Without Disk?

Let us take a look at the procedures to reset a password without using the disk:

Reset Password with Security Questions

You can use the security question features on Windows 10. This is the easiest process of all. If you have added the security questions to the local account then, you can easily reset the password after answering the questions. Whenever you turn on the Windows, it will ask for the password to enter the system. Below the empty field, the “Forgotten Password” option will be present. Click on the option and use the security questions to get change the password. If you have set the security questions, the Windows system will ask and you have to answer the correct questions. This option will not be applicable to you if you have not set the security questions.

Reset with Default Built-in Administrator

In case, you cannot remember the Windows 10 password and unable to use the password reset disk Windows 10. You can also use the default in-built Administrator account that can help you to reset the Windows 10 password. All the Windows version have a default Administrator account made after the Windows installation. The default Administrator is hidden and disabled. You can log in without a password. When you enable the default administrator, it will be shown on the login screen. You can easily sign-in on the Administrator account and reset the password. If you have not enabled the built-in Administrator then, you cannot use the feature.

Reset Using the Windows 10 ISO File

In this process, you have to download the Windows 10 ISO image file and burn on a USB drive in order to create the Windows 10 Setup disk. Thereafter, boot the computer to reset the forgotten password or remove the password from Windows 10.

Alternate Process

You can also follow this process to see if it works for you. You will need to use another computer to log in to the Microsoft Account and change the password. Follow the instructions given below.

  • Go to the Windows Live password Reset Website and enter the Microsoft Username and Password and login to the account.
  • You need to click on the Recover Account Screen and click on Next button.
  • A verification process will start, you will have to choose the process by which you want to receive the Security code. You can receive the code through email, or text message.
  • In the email or phone number, you will get a verification code which you have to enter on the locked computer.
  • Click on Next and after that enter the new password and confirm it.

These were the procedures to reset the password on Windows without a disk.

Procedure to Use Password Reset Disk Windows 10?

You can also use the Password Reset Disk in order to reset the Windows password. The Password reset disk will only work with a local account on the PC. A password reset disk is a file that you can create using a USB drive or an SD card. You will be able to reset the password in the Lock Screen. If you have not created a password reset disk Windows 10, then here are the instructions that you can follow.

  • Plug in the USB drive on to the PC and open the search bar and type “User accounts”.
  • Click on the User Account and then select “Create a password reset disk” and click on Next.
  • On the drop-down menu, click on the device that you want to create a password reset disk.
  • Next, click on the local account password and type the password.
  • Click on next button and wait for the process to finish. Lastly, you have to click on Finish to complete the process.

You can easily use the USB to get access to the account.

Now, the question is “How can you use reset disk Windows 10?” You will just need the USB device where you have created the password reset disk. Follow the step-by-step instructions given below.

  • Insert the USB drive on the PC and let the computer load its contents.
  • Click on the Reset password, and then select Next.
  • From the drop-down menu, click on the device where the Password reset disk is located.
  • You have to click on the Next button and set the new password. You can also set a Password hint to remember the password easily.
  • Click on Finish to complete the process.
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