Get Best Solutions To Resolve HP Laptop Not Charging Issue

Is your HP laptop not charging? When you see your laptop battery draining faster than you can ever imagine, it might be frustrating. The very first thing that you supposed to do is attaching the adapter. But it is worse when your laptop is not charging correctly even if it is plugged in. To solve the problem, you should be analyzing that the battery, if it is still running successfully or not. One of the primary reasons may be an old battery.

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Basic Reasons behind HP Laptop Battery not Charging

Before knowing the solutions, if you know the probable reasons then it will be easy for you to resolve the issues. So here are some reasons:

  1. If there is any problem with your connector.
  2. Improper plugin.
  3. Charging a non-chargeable battery.
  4. Old system drivers.

HP Laptop not Charging? : Easy Troubleshooting Techniques

Though multiple factors can be at fault for HP laptop plugged in not charging issue in your HP laptop, we are conferring some of the most notable ones.

If your HP laptop battery not charging, then it might be for the defective adapter. So, you need to check the following things to get rid of this issue.

Check the Connection Properly

It is very obvious, but you have to check the connection. Sometimes, you may forget to switch on from the main. No software can make a detached laptop magically power on. So, before doing something keep one thing in your mind that laptop plugs are tightly seated otherwise, you may face HP laptop not charging issue.

Check the Battery Integrity

An easy way to check whether the battery is in excellent condition or not is, first, remove the battery entirely. After that try to plugging in again. If the laptop switches on correctly, then the problem may be in battery.

Verify the Connector

When you are connecting your charger with the system then make sure that the cable is tightly fit on your system. Sometimes, if the charger isn’t connected with the system properly may cause HP Laptop Not Charging issue.

Verify the Settings

You can open your Control Panel and check your power settings. Here, make sure that the settings are all right or else if you have doubts with regards to the same, you can reset the settings to Default.

Upgrade your System Drivers

If you are currently using Windows then open your Device Manager and then under battery domain you will get three more sub-domains. Visit each of the sub-domains that are basically properties tab and update all the drivers. Once you complete the update procedure, restart your machine.

However, if you aren’t able to solve the issue then you can upgrade the software of your laptop. Sometimes, an old version of the software may cause HP Laptop Battery Not Charging issue.

Fix the Problem with Competent Services

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