HP Printer in Error State – Effective Solutions

HP is one of the tech giants in the current world of revolution. They are providing the best of their services to their customers. As it comes to the part of innovation and features, they have been consistent for the last decade or more. Being such a reliable tech organization even they do have some of the minor drawbacks. While working on HP printers sometimes a user’s face “HP printer in error state” issue. Sometimes It can be really annoying if you are in the middle of some important work and the files need to get printed on an urgent basis.

What should be done in that case? Well! This article will surely help you to find out the cause of this error and also required possible steps should be taken to fix this issue.

HP Printer in Error State: What and Why?

If you see this message displayed on your screen then there is a problem in your HP printer itself. It can be caused due to the several reasons listed below:

  • Not enough amount of printable paper.
  • Low cartridge.
  • Paper not being properly inserted in the tray.
  • HP printer is not working due to the new updates in your system.

HP Printer is in an Error State: Road to Restore

Till now we were discussing the reasons behind the issue. Now, let’s have a look at some of the preferable solutions that you can try to eliminate the issue.

Check for the Connectivity

Make sure that there is a proper connection between your computer and your HP printer. Check the connecting cables or Bluetooth devices that are a connecting source between the system and the printer.

After checking everything, restart the computer and the printer and wait for a few minutes. If the error message goes away then continue with your work else try other methods given below.

Check for Low Cartridge

If your printer is having the low cartridge, then it would be better if you can refill the cartridges and try to run the printer again. Usually, it will eliminate the issue if it is regarding cartridges.

Check the Feed Tray

One of the main reason can be the stuck papers or any other debris stuck in the feed tray. So, try to check the paper tray quite carefully then remove those paper or debris slowly and carefully. While performing the process, it would be better if you can use a flashlight. Also, check whether the tray is fitted properly to the printer or not. The solution will surely help you if the issue is connected to this.

Update or Reinstall the HP Printer Driver

Drivers play a very effective role while you are using some external devices such as a printer. If the printer driver is incompatible then also you might face the same issue. Either you have to update or reinstall the printer driver. In some cases, the drivers can get corrupted due to Malware or bugs. In such cases, it would be better if you can uninstall the drivers and run a proper diagnostics. After that, try to install the latest version of the drivers. To do so just follow the steps given below.

First, open the Device Manager under Control Panel and tap on “printer” option. After you click on “printer” you will be able to see the name of the printer attached to your system. Right click on it and choose to uninstall. Now, you will be getting a Warning prompt from the system. Click Yes after receiving the warning pop up. After this, restart your system and install the latest version of the drivers from the manufacturer’s website. Now, check whether you are still getting the error message or not. While downloading the device drivers, be sure to download the most updated version of the specific printer you use. Hopefully, this will resolve the problem of HP printer in error state.

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