How to Fix your Connection is not Private Chrome? Get Expert Solutions

You might come across some issue with your Chrome browser while you are surfing on the internet. You can get an error message saying your connection is not private Chrome. This can be a major indication of a large number of issues that can come across your system. Hence, this can certainly disrupt any personal or sensitive stuff that you try to access on the internet. This is because such activities can cause severe loss or leak of important data and information from your system. Therefore, this makes the hackers more susceptible to get through your personal data and other stuff.

One common cause for the arrival of this issue can be due to an insecure connection of SSL with your system and server. That is when your SSL certificate can as well get expired. Apart from that, several users have also complained about the occurrence of this particular issue while they try to open the web pages that start with HTTPS in the place of HTTP. This is quite evident to seek relative measures to get rid of this particular issue. For that, here is some promising technical aid that can get you the required assistance.

Changing Date and Time

The very first step that you can try in case you get an error message saying your connection is not private Chrome is by setting the time and date of your system accurately. This is because incorrect date and time can be a major cause for the occurrence of this issue. Hence, in order to fix it, you will need to so to the date and time icon from the system tray. Over there, right click and select the option to Adjust or change the date or time of your system. Once, you complete the step in the detailed window, this will surely resolve the connection issues that you are facing with your system. Also, make sure that you set the zone accurate to maintain the time and date as per it.

Once you complete the above step, close all the windows, and then click to refresh our system. After that, select any webpage to open with the help of Chrome browser. Thus, it will not let you face any trouble with the privacy of your connection. In case this step fails to work, continue with the next troubleshooting steps.

Clear caches and Cookies on Chrome

If you have not cleaned the browsing history of Chrome for a long period of time, this is certainly possible for it to show you a varied number of technical glitches. Hence, to make the system work again, as usual, you will need to remove all of it. For that, go to the Chrome settings page and take a quick look at the menu section. There, you will also find the option for advanced settings. Open it and select the options to clear the browsing history from your system.

You can also select to delete all the data from your system easily by checking the box for clearing the browsing data. After you completing removing the caches and cookies, close Chrome and refresh the system. Check if the website is still showing your connection is not private Chrome or not.

Closing Chrome Tasks

Terminating Chrome tasks can also prevent the issue and close all the tabs that are issuing such error in your browser. For this, you will need to access the command prompt by typing the code CMD in the start menu. After that, in the search bar, type the code TASKKILL /IM chrome.exe /F and it will terminate all the running tasks. Lastly, it will let you access a secure webpage and browser the internet connection through a secure network.

You can also choose to add some “ignore certificate errors” in Chrome that will allow you to create a shortcut. This will also let you ignore the certificate error and provide an error-free connection along with safe browsing. In order to try this step out, right click on the Desktop shortcut and go to the Properties section. Check for the target section and go to Properties to add the “ignore-certificate-errors” at the end part of the text. Press the apply button to save the changes made and click OK.

Close the window and click to open the web pages and it will be easily accessible without any issue. Now, if the above solutions fail to work the best to resolve all these technical glitches like your connection is not private Chrome, get expert help.

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