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Get Essential Steps On TP-Link Change Channel At Your Fingertips

TP-Link is considered for its enhanced wireless connectivity that helps you to connect various devices, all at the same time. This router specifically targets the gaming enthusiasts by offering a solid performance and in-built security. However, just like any other router, these routers are also prone to specific technical glitches. In case you are experiencing…

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How To Connect Two Computers Using Router?

At times, it may appear like a difficult task when you think about how to connect two computers using router. Moreover, if you grasp a precise knowledge of how you can manage your routers, you can use two computers employing a single router. Besides, to make you aware, when you connect two computers to the…

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Learn The Difference Between 2.4GHz And 5GHz WiFi

Since forever, there has been a major confusion while deciding which frequency band is designed as a dual band feature. The older WiFi routers allow only one frequency band, 2.4GHz. But, most of the upgraded routers come up with dual bands, and they possess 5GHz WiFi as well. At times, it becomes difficult to understand…

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Setup Netgear Router As A Repeater: Easy Guide

Setup Netgear router as a repeater, as the name shows, it helps the users to repeat or extend the signal that comes from a router. Many people use a repeater to extend the range of their networks. Besides, it helps to enhance the signal intensity and allows the devices to connect to the network even…

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