Asus Drivers Windows 10 Download – Know Why And How

Windows 10 is Microsoft’s latest Operating System. Asus releases Windows 10 compatible drivers every now and then. Therefore after installing Windows 10 from scratch, you will find the need for the driver update. Also, you have to download or update drivers after upgrading to Windows 10 from a previous version. Accordingly, if the drivers are not compatible with the Operating System of your device, then you will face specific problems. These include motherboard issues, frequent glitches, system crashes and so on. If you don’t know what drivers to install and how to, then this article is your savior. Learn everything you need to know about Asus Drivers Windows 10 download and enhance the performance of your system.

Here is the list of Asus Drivers required in Windows 10. Take a look at their utility and how to update Asus Drivers Windows 10. Also, learn the common problems you will face with an outdated driver.

Asus Drivers Windows 10 Download – Easy Methods

You can download the required Asus Drivers in three different ways. You can do it from Device Manager. Also, you can complete the procedure via the manufacturer’s website. Finally, you can do it automatically. Now, let’s move towards the method. Just follow the detailed guideline given below for Asus Drivers Windows 10 download.

Download The Drivers From Device Manager

To begin the procedure, open Device Manager. Either, you can press Windows key + R, and the Run dialogue box will appear. Then, type ‘device manager’ in there and it will expand the window. Otherwise, you can press Windows key + X, and a list will appear. From there, choose Device Manager to open it. Also, you can open Device Manager from the Start menu.

Now, click and expand the required category to find the name of your device. For example, Monitors for display programs, Network Adapter for network connection related ones, Display Adapters for the graphics card, and so on.

Once you expand the required category, you will see an option saying “Update Driver”. Then, select the “Search automatically for update driver software” option. If there is an update available, then Windows will show it. Click Update Now to begin the procedure. Once the upgrading is over, restart your device to finish the task.

In case, Windows fails to find any latest updates, then try to do it from the manufacturer’s site.

Download/Update Driver From Asus Website

To avoid any risk, it is always better to download or update drivers from the Asus site. First of all, search for “Asus Support” on your preferred search engine and the manufacturer’s official website will appear. After opening the web page, type the name of your product and click Enter to continue. Accordingly, the product name is the exact model number along with the device you are using. For example, Asus Zenbook 13 UX331UAL.

Once you find your device, click on “Driver & Tools” options. Then, select your Operating System (in this case, it will be Windows 10) from the drop-down menu. After that, look for appropriate drivers required.

Additionally, you will see a list of different drivers categorized into columns as per the relevancy. Expand them one by one by clicking the “Global” option. From there, download the drivers you feel necessary. Follow the on-screen instructions to avoid any further hassles. The whole procedure will require some time. Don’t get impatient or close the window while the process is on-going.

Further, you can look for the latest updates as well. If any driver update is available, then click on the “Update Now” option and follow the instructions that will appear on the screen.

Update Drivers Automatically

If you are not much technically sound, then you can go for automatic updates. In this case, you have to rely on a third-party tool to do so. You can install any popular tool and take help from it. Although, it is better not to opt for this option. Third-party tools come with certain risk. So, it is better if you go for any of the above-mentioned methods.

Asus Drivers For Windows 10

Now, let’s take a look at some of the important Asus Drivers Windows 10 download that you will require. Also, know about the problems you will face if you don’t update the drivers.

Asus Motherboard Driver For Windows 10

The Motherboard is one of the most important components for a computer. It allocates power as well as helps in the communication of different elements of your device, such as CPU, RAM, and other hardware parts. If your device has an outdated or incompatible Motherboard Driver, there will be several issues like sudden freezes, hangs, sluggish performance, etc.

Asus Monitor Driver

The monitor is responsible for the Physical Device Object (PDO) as well as the Functional Device Object (FDO). Without a compatible Monitor Driver, you will face several glitches. For example, the performance of the display will be compromised. You might see horizontal or vertical lines while playing video. Also, you might notice an improper balance of color. Therefore, Asus Drivers Windows 10 download is needed.

Soundcard Driver Update/Download

Soundcard Driver is responsible for the proper functioning of audio. It helps your device to interact with the sound system. Without an appropriate Soundcard Driver, you will face problems in playing audio. Voice cracks, no sound, and other audio related issues will occur. So, this driver is necessary for your Windows 10 system.

Asus Bluetooth Driver For Windows 10

If you are using a Windows 10 device, then outdated Bluetooth Driver can cause you troubles. You won’t be able to use the Bluetooth. Be it for sharing files or using Bluetooth speakers; it won’t work correctly in your device. So, to utilize the Bluetooth facility, you will require the latest Bluetooth Driver that is compatible with Windows 10.

Touchpad Driver For Windows 10

You can’t use your Windows 10 laptop without the touchpad. And for a proper functioning of its, you need the appropriate Touchpad Driver. Make sure to use a compatible Touchpad Driver. Otherwise, you cannot use your laptop’s touchpad.

Asus Drivers Windows 10 Download

Apart from the above-mentioned drivers, there are lots of other ones you will need. Drivers make sure the hardware and software components of the device are communicating. Due to this, the device functions flawlessly. An outdated, incompatible, or corrupted driver will create a work lag for you. Here is a list of Asus drivers you will require in your Windows 10 device other than the ones mentioned above.

  • Wireless Drivers
  • Asus Webcam Drivers for Windows 10
  • USB Drivers for Windows 10
  • Asus Network Drivers
  • Asus Graphics Drivers for Windows 10
  • Camera Drivers
  • Asus Display Drivers
  • Chipset Drivers for Windows 10

Therefore, download all the necessary drivers in your Windows 10 device and enhance the performance of your PC. Otherwise, you will face technical glitches in respective parts. Hopefully, this article was beneficial for you. Feel free to share your opinion and queries.

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